Just touched down in London Town

So I have just got back from Snowdonia and I feel it is necessary to tell everyone how it went. Firstly because everyone is asking and secondly because I have reached my fundraising target of £2500! 

Thanks to everyone that sponsored me, I’m so glad i reached before i went as this will be my motivation on summit night!

Anyway back to Snowdon or as it’s more commonly known – my weekend from hell! I kid you not, not one thing went as planned this weekend and the whole group (22 of us) were cold and wet for 48 hours. 

Before I start i’d just like to reiterate that I did indeed buy all the correct kit, including waterproofs and expensive boots, so there is no blame there. 

On Friday morning i headed off feeling positive, up beat and excited for the weekend ahead (Hey! how was i to know what a shambles it would be?) I arrived at the ‘hostel’ i use this term loosely, I have stayed in hostels before but this was a whole other kettle of fish. I got lost 6 times on the way there and arrived 2 hours before anyone else to be told that there was no signal or wifi and that dinner wouldn’t be ready for another 4 hours. Having survived my journey listening to One direction and eating donuts I was not best pleased! 

After finding my ‘room’ again i use this term loosely, – it was more like a cave, and choosing a BUNK bed (there were 10, and can you believe a bloody bunk bed?) I then had to confront the fact that the bed was not made. For people that know me they know i would do anything to avoid making a bed, I was considering paying the hostel staff extra to make it for me, then i considered just putting the pillow case and mattress cover on but no I finally accepted that I needed to put the lime green duvet cover on the duvet. This was a very trying time for me let me tell you!

Anyway once everyone arrived and we were sat down to dinner we were briefed on the following day. The weather was looking to be horrendous and there was a 90% chance we wouldn’t be able to climb (are fucking joking? I came all the way to fucking Wales to climb Snowdon not make my own bed and share a room with 9 randoms for nothing!) Everyone went to bed feeling tired and deflated.

The next morning we were woken up at6.30 by the rain which was a treat! We were told to “layer up” so indeed we did. Just so you are aware of what layering means in Wales I wore,

1. normal top

2. thermal top

4. light fleece

4. heavy fleece

5. water proof coat

That was just my top half! We headed out to the mountain and climbed for a grisly 4 hours in the hail and rain and snow and thunder and rain and snow and hail and a bit of rain as well. We were 4 hours in and trying to stand up in the 90mph winds when we were told “No No we must go back it is too dangerous!” (again – are you fucking kidding me?) We walked/fell back down to find that our transport had a flat tire. We were then radioed to be told we needed Search and Rescue for someone on the mountain and to call someone for help (erm hello as the hostel staff lovingly told us there is no signal or wifi so how are we supposed to get help) I won’t bother to divulge but we basically got back to the hostel. wet and tired and freezing cold (-16 degrees) to find that the heating and hot water had broken. There was only one thing for it! – off to the pub for a baileys and some heating!

When i woke up Sunday morning after falling asleep at 8.30pm the night before I found we still had no heating or hot water so I decided to sack off the rest of the day and start the mundane 5 hours back to the beautiful and warm brentwood.

The weekend was cold, boring, wet and cold and we didn’t even get to the top of the bloody mountain! Do i feel more prepared for Kilimanjaro now? Slightly. Would I do it again? Only if i get lime green bed sheets!






The beginning

So as some people know I have kept certain parts of my recent history private however in November, on very much a whim, whilst in hospital I decided to book a trip to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro to raise money for mental health! Most people thought I was crazy and I’d have to agree – I’ve never wanted to go further than America before and I definitely have never had the ‘urge’ to do physical activity through choice.

Never the less the £400 deposit was paid and I had no choice if I wanted to save face but to start a long uphill climb (literally) of what my training has turned out to be! Saving face has been my motivation in lots of times of need when I have been knee deep in sweat and swearing at my personal trainer (bless her for putting up with me) because there have been plenty of times when the thought ‘What the hell was I thinking?’ crossed my mind. I smoke 20 cigarettes a day I am very overweight and I hate exercise with a passion in which most people love it!

However I now have 3 weeks before I climb Snowdon as part of my training and 6 weeks until the big climb itself! This means I have been training for a mere 6 weeks and I know what you’re thinking ‘I should be nervous’ and that’s because everyone is telling me how nervous I should be and how brave I’m being but am I really being brave? – Perspective A. Thousands of people climb Kili each year and even more of those travel Africa on their own, I’m only a small percentage of people doing this and I have a great charity to raise money for. Perspective B. I booked this trip on a whim, whilst in hospital and I’ve never wanted to do anything like this before. I can see from both perspectives but, what one will get me to the top? That’s easy!




Fashion Inspiration

Ahhhhh so as I am obsessed with fashion and finally made it to the industry, I am always looking at what other people are wearing and flicking through magazines. On top of that I am a massive celebrity follower and I like to take my fashion inspiration from a mix of all these things.

My current fashion icons are of course the wonderful Olivia Palermo, the freakishly beautiful Fearne Cotton, everybody’s favourite Alexa Chung and the girl with legs that go on forever Whitney Port.

I don’t know why I said current because actually these people have always been icons to me but lately as my style has changed they have become more ‘inspiration’ in the way that I base what I wear on them. (Is that weird or am I supposed to do that?)

I think mostly from working in fashion but also partly from just growing up and changing as we all do, my style has evolved dramatically over the last few months. I still like to stick with the ‘norm’ on nights out as I haven’t really found a look that suits me dress wise, but when it comes to during the day or at the office I am very much becoming my own person. (Or just a wannabe Fearne Cotton).

I am a big lover of the boyish look, tailoring, brogues, chinos, fur coats, blazers, loafers, knitwear, big hair, high buns, lots of jewellery etc and whereas before I used to admire these pieces from a far, I think I have stopped caring now and kind of relish in the fact that people might be thinking to themselves “Is that girl wearing a fur coat and man shoes?”

Seriously…who wouldn’t want to look like this?



Arghhh I am shopping for a black dress and the lack of options around here is ridonkulous! I can’t believe that when shopping is supposed to be ‘rife’ there is such a lack of stuff out there.

I never buy black dresses and now I know why. So far the only options I have found are on Dorothy Perkins and that is saying a lot as normally Dorothy doesn’t even register on my fashion scale. This blows. miserable FULL STOP

Please help a sister out…



Get your peace signs at the ready

Put a wetsuit on, come on, come onGrow your hair out long, come on, comePut a t-shirt onDo me wrong, do me wrong, do me wrong

Good old Fearne Cotton introduced me to this beauty and I can’t stop playing it ever since! I freaking put my wet suit on and am in the middle of growing my hair down long just to get into the spirit of things. Download this song it may change your life! And if it doesn’t you have only wasted 3.50. PEACE OUT MOTHER F*CKERS

(The Vaccines – Wetsuit)


I Want Them – ‘Sweetie Shoes’

#HolyMackerel #CrikeyMoses #(Insert phrase to show surprise/excitement here)

Now technically these are not called Sweetie Shoes but come on! What was I supposed to call them? They look like they are made of sweets!

I love these! In love with them! Can’t get enough of them! Might buy 2 pairs incase I lose one! I WANT THEM!

Okay so apart from the fact that I would have to stop myself from eating them. I love the colours. It’s definitely colour blocking/clashing at its finest! No doubt they are sky-high and I have a 1/5 (roughly) chance of falling over BUT I am actually okay with that. I don’t even need to wear them; I just want to stare at them!

Why don’t you buy a pair and stare with me?

These beauties are from River Island, click here to check out some more of my ‘I Want It’ items at hipsnip.


Funky Budha

Ok so not really fashion related but I am out tonight with my main girlies – the ones I’ve known from school and we are going to paint the town purple (or something like that)

We have been playing I have never ever and oh how we didn’t know when to stop!

We have covered rachel’s boobs, wheely bins and vodka! We oh so elegantly moved on to shoes and dresses (sort of fashion related)

Anyway I am sorry for the gap in my posts but got so busy with running the social media at work that I couldn’t bare to be near a computer! Anyway love you and leave you.


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